Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunday, March 2 - Relief Society

Changed date of birthday party
Pray for Sister Arnoldsen, Sister Carter, and Sister Morrell

Lesson by Sister Morris

Daughters in My Kingdom

Object lesson
What's in her purse?

Head massager
Martha Stewart magazine
TV journal
Cosmetic bag and mirror

Worldly lust
Worldly wealth
Worldly preoccupation with self

What do we carry?

Cleave-to hang on to...to be glued to
What are some things in our lives that are a little worldly that we cleave to?

Cleave to...
Tithing covenants

What do these covenants do for us in our lives?

What do the covenants of the temple look like?
Effects what we do on a daily basis
How we wear/take care of our garments
Living by example as we model modest clothing that fit with garments

What do the covenants of tithing look like?
Make it first
Law of fast offering

Joshua 23:8, 15
Exhorting them to cleave unto the Lord, do not cleave to the world
"Choose ye this day whom ye will serve..."

WHY is this so important?

Matthew 6:33
Our goal is to get back to our Father
Sealing our family chain
If we don't cleave unto our covenants, the buffeting winds of Satan will blow them away

During a time in the Relief Society when they were disbanded, the sisters did cleave to their covenants to help support each other

Empty out of our "bags" the things that are worldly
Matthew 6:19

Bearing testimonies: