Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday, March 24 - Relief Society

Sunday, March 24 - Relief Society

Service this month at the Bel-aire Care Center
Discussion regarding going to the temple more often this month...trading babysitting
RS Birthday Commemoration on Tuesday

Sister Robins - lesson

Family History -Teaching For Our Times, Elder Bednar

Hearts of the Children Will Be Turned

Having the spirit of Elijah in genealogy work
Baptism for the dead
Helping those who cannot do it for themselves
Malachi coming to Joseph Smith in the Kirkland temple to restore the keys of baptism for the dead
Family history -creating memories, moving forward with our genealogy
Showing pictures and sharing stories of her family
Malachi 4:5-6
Lots of genealogy work being done by people who are not members of the church...they often see it as a hobby, but we receive the blessings of their work
The younger generation is able to do so much with computers to help with genealogy
Indexing - doing work in our own homes
Promises and blessings of doing our genealogy
Learning about our family, our heritage
Through genealogy work, we will gain a love for our ancestors
Will be blessed with a greater love for the Savior