Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 5 - Relief Society

Sister Shanon gave the lesson on Sunday, February 5. Following are the main points of her lesson:

Alma Chapter 5:14-19
Nephihah takes over as judge
Potential as being daughters of God
Questions asked of Alma:
Have you been spiritually born of God?
Have you received his image in your countenance?
Mighty change of heart?

Verse 46
Alma continuing to fast and pray even after his own conversion experience

Have great people who can "block" for us as we gain our testimony

Chapter 2 from "Daughters In My Kingdom."
First, seek our own salvation
Be at peace and harmony with each other-no strife among each other, love of God
Caution about sisters envying the church positions of other
Love within our own heart; love for each other and God

Recounted sitting under quilts as a youth as her mom attended Relief Society and listening to the sisters visiting with each other and the love they had for each other

Notes from the chapter-experiences from sisters in the early days of the Relief Society
Service enriches our potential

Joy shared her experience with Sister Elaine Dalton at Costco-her countenance and spirit
We don't need to be Sister Dalton to make a difference in someone's life
Let's get everyone above us

Staci and Shellie sang a song-"Oh Savior, Who Wearest a Crown" illustrating scripture

Sue Fields

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