Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, February 12 - Relief Society

Sue F. - Feb. 12

Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself"

Heber J. Grant known for his love

Read the beginning of the manual to learn more about him
From a young age he loved everyone

Shared an experience when she had an overwhelming amount of love for others-when she was made stake primary president

Kathy shared her experience of her love for the people of the Dominican Republic

Prophets feel that towards everyone
HJG would often be found in hospitals spreading cheer
Pres. Monson taking care of widows
HJG giving away his coat
We are all part of a family and should love each other
What do we do when someone new moves into the ward?

Julie-what it was like when they first moved into the ward
Her father wanted to move into her house to die from cancer
People bringing over food
Other sister took children into her home to give everyone a break
Given hymn books by another sister so they could sing to her dad

How we can do better-experience of a sister who didn't feel welcome
Sit by her in church
Visiting teachers can help sisters feel more accepted

Object lesson- pineapple was a common item to take to someone who was moving in

Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be everywhere

Suggestion - Instant messaging to alert sisters to new move-ins

We don't always have a chance to see others because of callings

Sister Ann S. talked about her experience about being in a new a new move-in, become involved, sign up for everything, put yourself out there to get to know others

Sister Jenni R. talks about sharing needs and information...not gossip. Making others aware of the needs of families and sisters

Matt 5:43-44
Ann and Joy shared personal experiences about loving others
Praying for others-that's where miracles can happen
Sue shared about a situation at work where she had to get along with someone who was a challenge...prayed for help
Good Samaritan
Mosiah-King Benjamin...abounding in good works
When you have done it unto the least of these my brethren..

What are really here for?
We have to all work together to make things happen for others

Sue shared a story about sharing roses with her neighbors that were given to her by Bishop Snow. Made a difference in the day of several of her neighbors.

"The errand of sisters..."

Blessing of receiving the charity of others

We are serving Him when we are serving others.

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